Yessir, every one of these videos are made by the same person, except the Gerudo Valley with guitar thing, because that was his duet play with another person, still nonetheless the same guy is playing piano in all vids, he's that amazing.

    the loved song of storms on piano must see
    when you beat a boss on twilight proncess this music pops up
    midna's sad theme used when she gets revealed to a light beast (she's a dark creature so you can imagine what happens to dark when it hits light).
    this famous song is the song of healing and it's from the legend of zelda majoras mask.
    the wind waker ocean music now this music rox.
    kirbies dreamland on piano really incredible.
    the famous star wolf theme simply on piano.
    kirby's dreamland on piano.
    the lost woods song on piano.
    this is kokiri forest music on piano, this brings back memories of when i played this a long time ago.
    this is gerudo valley on piano, for the original game this song is on guitar.
    this is gerudo valey duet with keyboard and guitar.
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