gotta luv this game it's pretty good.
 for an 8-bit music this is pretty good.


What a weird song, I can't tell if it's rap or some kind of hip hop, but who cares it still sounds good amirite?

 people say this song is cursed by the evil tails doll.........well if the tails doll has this song for his theme he has good taste cuz this rox......i mean why would i post a dumb song here right? CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE?
    the other so called cursed video for the tails doll and yet still is a masterpiece in my opinion, I'M SO GOING TO THE CITY. the tails doll is fake so i might post a vid about it just to creep the hell out of you all MUAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously it's just a video game character, it doesn't exist and never did. IF YOU THINK THE DOLL IS REAL GO SEE A DOCTOR.
 this is nazos theme
 ALL HAIL SOLOMON SWORDSKULL...................well this song is called "all hail shadow' and i think this is the best sonic character there is
 for all you metalheads around here, this song is "never enough" by 5 finger death punch
 this is another song by 5 finger death punch, this is THE WAY OF THE FIST!!!
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